Friday, September 21, 2018

Bay Area Book Tour 2018: Good Company

Friday, September 7

My friends Kevin and Siena graciously opened their beautiful Danville home to me for the week. It was a great arrangement because I would be house sitting while they were away on vacation to visit family in Philadelphia. Kevin is a friend from St. Monica Parish in Moraga where I served in the 1990s. I played music for their wedding liturgy last year. That was a fun and awesome day!  

Part of the house sitting involved taking care of my friends’ beloved pets: George the Dog, a smiling golden retriever, and Steve the Cat, an equally golden kitten with tiger-like stripes. Dog and cat, together? Yes! They are best pals. George and Steve love hanging out with each other. I’m not really sure they understand that they’re of different species. All they know is that they are four-legged creatures who live together with two loving and caring humans. And now they had a new human to break in. 

I waved to Kevin and Siena as they drove out to the airport on Friday morning. George and Steve were watching them from the front window. I think they realized their humans were going away but they didn’t seem too sad about it. In fact, no sooner did the car pull away then Steve started jumping around all over the living room on top of my boxes of books and CDs that OCP shipped to the house. I opened each box to take inventory and Steve hopped right in. I had to pull him out by the scruff of his neck so he wouldn’t chew on my books. Meanwhile, George was running around in circles with the package stuffing in his mouth. “This will be an interesting week,” I thought to myself as I laughed at their antics. 

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